Ballo Conservatio | “Dance Conservation”

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This photographic series, created by Ballo Conservatio, investigates the relationship that humans have with environmental resources and the resulting outcomes of our daily decisions when considering sustainability.  Joseph Blake and photographer Steve Korn’s collaboration involves dancers from the University of Washington’s Dance Program interacting with elements such as oil, water, plastic, paper, and addressing ideas such as erosion and excessive refuse. The combination of dance, photography and digital editing offers an evocative reminder for us to be vigilant about the world’s carbon footprint.

Dance celebrates the raw and natural form of the body, just as sustainability ideals honor the natural resources of our planet. The confluence of the dancing human body and earth’s inherent gifts creates a powerful tribute to nature.

The premier of the series opened in Meany Theatre’s gallery space at the beginning of the World Concert Series 2016-2017 academic year and continued hanging until July 2017. There was a temporary move the week of October 26th for the work’s showing at the University of Washington’s Sustainability Festival.

jo and Steve are excited to include their voice and creativity in this effort to spread the word about sustainability, human concern and community awareness through their mediums of work.


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