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“i am fearless.”

jo blake movement for class reel.

What would it be like to re-consider the ideas we have been taught since childhood? To be able to re-develop how one might understand oneself and/or the community we are connected with? My goal is that through inclusive teaching future educators are an inspiration to students whom seek to understand who they are and why they are a part of the arts community.

“If you put yourself in a place where you’re having to work at understanding something, then you keep yourself awake to all possible choices” – Wayne McGregor

As an educator I attempt to foster fearless individuals through technical prowess and creative innovation. I create a safe environment for students to recognize their relationship as artists and community members in the studio and out in the world. I plant a seed, an inspiration, that reaches to the core of the student discovering him/her self. As his/her mind and body are affected they will share this knowledge onto others who will share with others until a grand ripple effect of shared experiences has circulated a wide array of bodies, minds and souls.

“What is man? Man is not the kingpin of the earth; sometimes he is a defiler of it. I wanted to put man in balance with nature.” Alwin Nikolais

I value the legacies that I have embodied. The training I have received connects the “whole body” experience of Alwin Nikolais’ to the physical, and completely structural, approach of Charlotte Boye-Christensen. My professional background has been in exclusively in repertory companies thus I have worked with a wide range of choreographers from Doug Varone to Carolyn Carlson, and from Wayne MgGregor to Johannes Weiland. I find that student-centered opportunities like improvisation, collaboration, and peer feedback empower a young student artistically while creating a stronger, fearless individual in the community.

“Great dancers are not great because of their technique, they are great because of their passion” – Martha Graham

What is technique anymore? Technique is changing as are my attitudes about it’s intentions. Why is it that we do not discuss the technique that brings together a diverse range of styles? I find that students with a wider range of backgrounds offer a more developed understanding of their craft and themselves. By immersing themselves within the wide spectrum of dance forms they are creating a more holistic being. They are now insuring their own growth: internally and externally.


This a list of classes that I offer as an educator of dance in academia. Over the years I have had the opportunity to teach, assist and create classes throughout the US, as well as in France, Italy and Spain. I have taught approximately over 1000+ students K-12, university, pre-professional, professional and senior.

Creative Dance for Diverse Communities

Modern Technique

Ballet Technique

Contemporary Jazz Technique 


Teaching Methods/Learning Theories


Community Workshops

Beginner Yoga Practices