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I believe an educator is a person whose calling is to facilitate a student’s journey toward realizing his/her full potential.

My goal as an educator is that the students in the classes that I guide will develop skills that will help them to not only realize their own potential as learners, but to also help them understand that they have a teacher who has an interest in helping them to achieve their goals, in the studio or in life. As a teacher, I want to instill positive self-confidence, a sense of community and teamwork, and the understanding that all goals, albeit sometimes modified, are obtainable. As an educator, my ultimate goal is to ask myself continuously: Am I available for the students? Is the material that I am sharing accessible to each student? Am I engaged in what I am teaching? In an educational setting, I believe that both the student and the teacher must be participating in order for optimal learning to occur.

I believe that it is necessary to establish a learning community in order for optimal learning to take place.

To maintain interest in goals and passions— such as the arts, sports, academic studies— students need the support of their friends, family, educators, coaches, and co-workers. In other words, effective learning takes a positive, supportive community. All too often, a professional career in dance necessitates participation in negative learning environments; when these professionals turn to a teaching career negative practices are often perpetuated. In my teaching philosophy, there is no room for negativity or isolation. I believe a constructive and interactive learning atmosphere is the most conducive to student learning and achievement.

I believe that each learning community should be allowed to establish its own ethos and identity.

I value the teacher who guides rather than directs, who collaborates rather than dictates, and who does not seek judgment as focus for who and how to teach. I value the student who is driven to seek out his/her own answers, share vulnerability, and relinquish judgment to develop his/her own perception of people/places, likes/dislikes, etc. I value the member of a community who lends a helping hand, pats on the back, lays foundations for education, and welcomes inquiry. These values not only help to create a positive, influential community, but they also invite individuals to develop their personal identities.

As an educator I want to create an environment in which every individual is able to find his own voice and is heard.

When I teach yoga to the community of youth in the prisons, I strive to ignite an interest in personal growth potential. When I teach dance to the community with Parkinson’s Disease, I endeavor to support full movement potential. I believe in the potential of unique communities. I am an educator that makes it a point to communicate with members of communities outside my own kinesphere. Meeting new people and having new experiences expands my understanding of community and the myriad approaches there are for facilitating students’ finding their personal voice and full potential.

I believe such education supports a world in which all people can be heard and are treated equitably.


Teaching Reel

Mixed-Level Modern Technique @ University of Washington (edited video – final phrase and cool down)

Master Class @ Brigham Young University (edited video – final phrase)

More fitting samples will be available as of 01 March 2018.

This a list of classes that I offer as an educator of dance in academia. Over the years I have had the opportunity to teach, assist and create classes throughout the U.S., as well as in France, Italy and Spain. I have taught over 1000+ students K-12, university, pre-professional, professional and senior.


Creative Dance for Diverse Communities

Modern Technique

Ballet Technique

Contemporary Jazz Technique


Beginner Yoga Practices


Teaching Methods/Learning Theories

Anatomy for Movers

Community Workshops